Contract Staff

Edge has assisted various clients across multiple industries with more than 300 temporary staff since 2013. Edge can reduce your hiring timeline and costs, keep your workforce agile and help you to increase productivity and competitiveness.

We provide a range of staffing solutions including short term employment and staff for fixed contracts or for specialised projects.

Amidst today’s pandemic, we understand that the world of work has changed. Most clients are further faced with seasonal highs and lows. 

Many employers are considering contract staff, potentially reducing the need for expensive desk space, making them part of a revised workforce solution by creating opportunities in the new world of work.

Our contract staff has been screened and vetted, ensuring we can provide our clients with suitable temporary recruitment staff at short notice.

Our temporary workforce is managed by expert Key Account Managers with many years of experience.

We offer an end to end solution from sourcing, to on-boarding as well as timesheet and payroll management whilst ensuring they add to your bottom-line profit from the day 1.  

Looking for a flexible staffing partner with more than 7 years’ experience across multiple industries?

Contact Edge today to discuss a customised-on demand staffing solution for your business.

What is temporary or contract staff?

Some call it “freelancing’, others contingent workers or contractor, and abroad companies refer to flexible staffing or an “on demand” workforce. In general terms, a temporary employee is someone who works for a company on a non-fixed term basis.

A contracting employee’s salary is usually calculated on an hourly or daily rate and can be on either Edge or our client’s payroll. What are the benefits of contract staff to you as an employer?

Reduced Risk
Reduced Cost
Reduced Time
To help you ascertain an employee's performance with a view to permanent employment

Why consider temporary staff?

To cover for staff on maternity leave or other absences
To deliver on special projects
To cater for increased seasonal busy periods of the year