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Basic CV and LinkedIn Review


Is your CV / LinkedIn profile outstanding? Will it get you noticed in the competitive recruitment market?
Ask us we can help!

  1. Click: ADD TO CART, add product to cart and pay online
  2. We acknowledge your review request and get going
  3. You send us your CV in WORD and your LinkedIn profile URL via email

Within 2 working days we will:

  • Review your CV and make written comments and suggestions on how to improve layout and content to increase visibility aligned to your job search via email
  • Review your LinkedIn profile and provide suggestions on how to be more visible and reach a wider search audience via email

We schedule a dedicated 30-minute call with you to discuss these suggested changes and guide you to receive a better result across job portals and online platforms

Results:  Practical tips and guidance on how you can redo your CV and LinkedIn profile to be discovered for your next job


  1. A 30-minute discussion with an experienced Talent Professional
  2. A guide to keep which includes The top 10 checks you must do before sending your CV, and how to email your CV for maximum response results
  3. A LinkedIn profile update guide with tips and suggestions to keep and refer back to