Workplace Skills Plan

The plan describes the skills required in your organisation and the initiatives that your company plans to undertake to fulfil those needs.  

It is an annual submission with the deadline normally on 30 April every year.

The importance of the WSP lies in the following key points:

  • It highlights the skills gaps in an organisation.
  • It encourages a well-rounded approach to training and skills development.
  • It enables the various SETA’s in turn to compile their Sector Skills Plan thus allowing access for your business to the various SETA grants

What does a Workplace Skills submission mean for your business?

Annual Training Report

To qualify for money back in training grants for up to 50% of the levies paid, the company needs to submit an Annual Training Report at the end of their financial year, or along with the Workplace Skills Plan by 30 April.

In your Annual Training Report, you will plot out the progress of your training in line with exactly what you submitted in your Workplace Skills Plan. Why would you pay all that money in levies and then not get the return that is due to you?

Money back
Tax benefits
Points on your B-BBEE scorecard

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