Executive Search

Our executive search services are tailored to the needs of our clients. We invest time with our clients to ensure that we not only understand the skills and experience required for a position, but also the corporate culture of the client.

We also obtain an understanding of our client’s growth and strategic objectives, and potential talent mapping for the role and position in question. Our executive search services are geared towards identifying and sourcing talented candidates who are able to successfully contribute towards your organisation

By consulting with client and candidate on available skills and prevailing market remuneration levels, we draw on our broad professional experience to ensure that all expectations are contextualised and sensitively managed.

Talent Mapping

In a highly competitive environment where clients are faced with skills shortages, the key to being successful is to understand your market, what drives the market and how quickly it can all change.

Talent Mapping is the proactive identification of potential candidates in your market. Knowing who the key players are allowed for successful management of a talent pipeline.

Edge has extensive experience in identifying exceptional talent for organisations. Through matching key skill sets, experience and interpersonal skills against our clients’ criteria, we effectively source high-calibre individuals. We utilise a variety of research techniques to identify quality candidates with relevant skills, providing our clients with an external research solution.

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