Take a gamble and hire a graduate!

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As a Director at Edge Executive Search , I am astounded at how many graduates have approached me for jobs. They have completed degrees at reputable Universities and some haven’t found work in 2 years.

In my day, we were sure that when we completed our degrees we would find work. Many of my clients want to hire graduates, but they want graduates that have work experience.



I recently had a contract role in my office for an office manager. I decided to take a gamble and hire a graduate for 2 months – best decision I made. Why? Because…

1.      Graduates want to impress:

They are new to the working world and are keen to impress and do their best.

2.      They have a fresh outlook:

Millennials have a different perspective on life and can contribute new and innovative ideas. Let’s be honest they are more in touch with the “new” and “current” trends than us 40 somethings. They know what the younger market are looking for (clearly our clients are not all 40 somethings).

3.      They are a “blank canvas”:

This will probably be their first job, so you can shape them into a top employee.

4.      They comfortable with technology:

At Varsity I learnt Lotus Notes and DOS, technology has always scared me. Millennials are comfortable with technology most of them have had IPAD’s from age 6.

5.      They are great at multitasking:

They are well versed in multitasking, have you seen a Millennial text, chat and update their social media accounts all at the same time.

6.      They are affordable:

Graduates earn lower salaries than more experienced hires but have huge potential.

7.      Speed to Return on Investment (“ROI”):

All entrepreneurs are most concerned about ROI, well I believe graduates learn more quickly and provide more immediate financial returns.

8.      Succession planning:

Graduates could solve succession planning concerns. The graduate you employ today could be the future of your organisation.

9.       Our graduates need experience:

Our graduates need experience to secure jobs.

10.  Feel good factor:

You will feel good knowing that you assisted a graduate to get full time employment.



I would like to challenge all SME’s –  join me in my #HIREAGRADUATE initiative.

Contact me today to hire a graduate in your organisation.



Janice Wagner


Edge Executive Search


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